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Nephos Inc is a global Data Center and Enterprise switching IC solution leader. Our mission is to provide the cloud computing industry with the most advanced software defined network switching solutions at highest level of performance with uncompromised scalability, flexibility and value.

Nephos Inc. was founded in February 2016 as an independent company with private investment. After five years of product development as a business unit internal to Mediatek, Nephos was created as a standalone company to better address the enterprise and data center market segments. Our experienced staff come from industry’s most respected companies with proven track records of success. Nephos’s foundation of technology excellence, impeccable execution, constant innovation and business integrity. We are setting on the course of pursuing our goal in delivering best networking silicon solution to our customers that consistently meet and exceed their needs.

Our products are highly integrated with comprehensive IP fully design with our internal engineering and meet the needs critical to the Ethernet switch technology for next generation Data Center and Enterprise infrastructure. We offer complete product portfolio for today’s 2.5G/5G/10G/40G/100G switching and future 200G/400G/1T solution utilizes latest and greatest process technology and innovations that delivers highest level of integration at lowest level of power consumption.

OE : Operational Efficiency

Operational Scale through MediaTek and Foundry Partner : “The New Power Trio”

  • Leveraging MediaTek’s buying-power: Tier one, Large Wafer Volume at Foundry Partner
  • MTK consistently runs more wafers than all other Enterprise Market Merchant Competitors
  • Low Supply Risk: Tier One on-time delivery, shortest turn time for production devices & Nephos R&D
  • Foundry Partner Quality, urgent issues resolution priority (access to A-team troubleshooting)
  • Early access to information for process libraries, wafer test and technology collaboration
  • Long standing personal & professional relationships (common culture, politics & language)

OE is the capability to deliver products and services to its customers in the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring the highest quality of its products, service and support..

IP : Intellectual Property

Control our own destiny

  • Avoid Competitive Exposure: Many merchant semiconductor vendors buy SerDes & ASICs from one another
  • Establish Technical Leadership
  • Time to Market Advantage
  • Leverage Fixed Costs

Developed all critical intellectual property

  • >20 Patents Filed
  • Support of over-speed on InFO
  • SerDes (LR NRZ and PAM4)
  • Search Engines (Highest Efficiency SRAM based Algorithms)
  • TCAM cell
  • Ethernet MAC/PCS
  • PCIe (Host Interface)


CP : Complete Product Portfolio

  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Nephos offers the most unique Feature-Scale, Power, Price & Performance options over its competitors
  • Eight individual unique cost points applied to over 20 device derivatives (only six shown below): Nephos aligns efficiently to your
    unique requirements

UA : Unified Architecture

  • Only a Unified Architecture delivers maximum CAPEX efficiency (lowest TCO)
  • No Legacy Burden (no driver shims; no buggy “fat-ware” driver spanning dispirit hardware architectures)

  • Single Software porting exercise (lowest engineering investment, yet maxim system product family range)
  • Faster Time to Market; easier to debug; deterministic performance; easier to troubleshoot
  • Higher Performance, Faster Learning Curve & Much More Reliable

E : Execution

Nephos Leadership Through Consistent Execution

  • Investment Level is High:
    – Nephos NOS and SDK built by industry veterans (Cisco, Juniper and Broadcom Classic)
    – IP in-house (performance & availability based exposure)
    – IP reuse (leverage costs), Top Talent, Best Tools
    – Average Experience Level is highest (Managers/Leads from CSCO, old-BRCM, JNPR, MTK)
  • All Teams under one roof (no finger pointing or IP dependencies)
  • Pioneering disaggregation successfully: InFo Collaboration w/Patients